Throwing Your Laptop out the Window is Not the Answer

Last night I had a nightmare that I could not figure out how to add captions to an existing image gallery using jQuery. Then I woke up and realized that this nightmare was reality. It took me awhile (longer than I’d like to admit) to figure out how to add these dang captions. When I finally managed to make it work, I took a step back and thought to myself, “Wow, that was really easy, why didn’t I initially think of doing that!?”

It’s probably because I tend to over-think everything and get easily frustrated. For example, while I was working on one of the functions exercises in Codcademy, I almost tossed my laptop out the window on multiple occasions. JavaScript is intimidating, confusing and downright annoying at times. But, I’m starting to realize that it doesn’t have to be; you just need to try and understand what the code is actually there to do. And let’s be honest, the image gallery does look better with some nice captions and CSS styling, doesn’t it?

So I have come to the conclusion that JavaScript is a good thing (not the devil), and for someone who works at a digital marketing company, it’s important for me to have some knowledge about these programming languages. Earlier today, I informed one of the colleagues that I was taking a web development class, which consisted of learning JavaScript basics. He was impressed and applauded me for making the effort, knowing it’s not easy and not a requirement of my current job position. He also quickly recommended that I read this book “Eloquent JavaScript – A Modern Introduction to Programming.” I glimpsed the digital version and definitely like how it’s intended for people who do not know a lot about JavaScript or programming in general. The descriptions are simple and use plain language. I think it’s worth another glance when I have the time!

1 thought on “Throwing Your Laptop out the Window is Not the Answer

  1. Luis G

    I also contemplated throwing my laptop out of the window. I figured It had been cursed by the JavaScript gods. Nothing I seemed to input and repeating the code provided by Emily in p tags or div tags seemed to do the trick. I can imagine that there are numerous ways to accomplish this task, however I stopped at the first one that actually worked after 4 hours of searching for an answer. I’m thankful I reached an answer when I did, otherwise I would have been forced to go through my old coworker bribe developers with Krispy Kremes. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only frustrated student.


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