Introduction Class

Like most first classes, we started out by introducing ourselves and our purpose for being in the class. What stood out to me though is that this was the first time I’ve been in a class and everyone had close to the same experience and hopes for the class. It’s nice to go into this class with people on similar levels because it will be that much more gratifying to see where we all started and where we’ll finish. It seemed like most of us are taking this class to be able to troubleshoot and manage our own portfolio pages, so we may even be able to help one another at some point.

We didn’t even touch our computers this class so I’m sure this sense of calm I have will be replaced by stress in the near future once we dive in. I like that Greg is realistic about this course and doesn’t seem to expect masterpieces from us. Most of the people I’ve talked to that know code have either taught themselves or felt like it was just their calling and learned it at a young age. The vibe I get from a course like this is that the learning is in our hands. Greg will give us the essentials on a platter but how good we get at it will be through just a lot of practice and searching ourselves. As much as I look foward to seeing my finished product (and others’ as well), it is all a little intimidating. I want my website to be this amazing site once we’re finished, but I’m comparing my hopes to work of coders’ that have done this for at least half of my life. Regardless, I am excited to see what this semester has in store for us.

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