What we’re really getting ourselves into

Going into this class, I had absolutely no knowledge of what coding looked like or how it functioned (besides on MySpace). I really hope to get two major things out of this class. The first thing I’d like to do is be able to communicate with coders/programmers so that I’m not that annoying person coming to them frequently to do the easiest task ever. I’d also like to be able to create and manage my own portfolio website. I know this is pretty easy to do on WordPress, but actually knowing how to troubleshoot and how to make my site more unique is a skill I think it wouldn’t hurt to have. This may come off a little selfish, but it seems like the more you can say you know in this industry, the better of a brand you have created for yourself. It would be very gratifying for me to be able to list that I know HTML (or at least the basics of it).

I doubt very many people are reading our blog, but if they are, I do have a word of advice: If you have the opportunity to learn how to code in high school or college, go for it. I remember having a class similar to this in undergrad, but being an athlete, I — embarrassingly enough — was able to pass the course with flying colors with “help” from my tutor. I was practically handed a site to turn in by the end of the course and learned nothing besides the fact that I never wanted to take that course again. I can’t say I’ll leave this class being a master coder or even wanting to continue to pursue programming, but I do realize how important it is that I know the basics of what’s really going on behind all of these web pages.

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