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My final project site will showcase my professional work and personal projects in a portfolio sort of format. When someone Googles me, I want this to be the first result that pops up. I want the Googler to be able to go to this one website and find all the professionally relevant information that I want them to know about me, rather than letting them peruse links and assign importance to my web projects at random. As I look to a new career start in the next few months, controlling my web presence seems paramount. And why bother building a portfolio website and claiming web coding skills if the website itself doesn’t show them off?

I haven’t decided whether I want my site’s homepage to be a blog with frequent updates on my professional and personal projects or a graphic grid featuring the portfolio items of which I’m most proud. Either way, the site will include both of these pages in addition to an “about me” page, a CV/resume, links to my web projects/embedded videos and ways to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I hope to make the site sleek and edgy and involve some interesting interactive movement with Javascript/jQuery.


Description: This site will house the work I’m most proud of and offer a glimpse of the “professional” me with links to clips, my resume, etc.


– Control my web presence
– Make it easy for folks to find information about me
– Offer a proof point of my limited web coding skills
– Create a visually appealing array of videos and images

Audience: I hope that potential employers, clients, partners and people who are interested in my work and side projects will visit the site.

How I’ll achieve my goals:

– Make some kind of grid or slideshow of my projects
– Include an “about me” page and my resume
– Have an “in the news” page or tab for photos or clips of instances when my projects have been covered in the media

Theme: Eureka

Planned modifications (ambitious):

– I want to make each “post” bubble into what would normally be a page (about, clips, etc) – creating essentially a one-page website with anchor tags to move up and down the page. I would need to learn how to make a floating taskbar, so…we’ll see.
– Cosmetic revamp: changing up the color scheme; making the post bubbles wider, a little less round and maybe have a thinner border; getting rid of the tabs on each post that have an icon of a piece of paper on them or whatever media the post contains.
– Create a grid of some sort with uniform icon-sized images that expand when clicked, for visual/video projects.

1 thought on “Christina Cauterucci: portfolio site

  1. Greg Linch

    Cool. I look forward to following the progress!

    Any thoughts so far on how you want to do this part?

    ‘Have an “in the news” page or tab for photos or clips of instances when my projects have been covered in the media’

    Perhaps using the PressThis bookmarklet to create a new post with a certain category that doesn’t appear on the main page.


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