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I had every intention of doing a portfolio website for my final project. I thought that improving my amateur-looking WordPress site would be the best use of my time. But after diving into HTML, CSS and JavaScript (cringe), I quickly realized that it would be more fun to build a site that incorporated all new content and focused on a true passion of mine.


My husband and I like to think that we have a fairly exclusive wine collection, especially for a couple of 28-year-olds. We even have a few bottles that aren’t supposed to be opened for another 15-20 years. With that long of a wait, it’s difficult to remember where we got it, what food goes well with the wine, what year we should open it, etc. And let’s face it, in 20 years my memory is just going to get worse. So… my idea is to create an online wine cellar that houses all of our elite bottles with images, descriptions and food pairings. In addition to the wine cellar, the website would include a blog so I could document my wine experiences (such as visiting a winery, enjoying a good bottle of wine at dinner, highlighting a new local wine maker, etc.).

As far as the audience, my husband and I will benefit most from the site, at least at the beginning. But I plan on linking to blog posts from my social media channels so other people will know about the website. And who knows, maybe one day there will be a paid Virginia winery ad on the homepage. #winedreams

Post Updates
Description: Veoni Vine will feature images and descriptions of my personal wine collection, as well as highlight my various wine experiences through custom blog posts.
-Have a digital wine cellar that features prominent bottles from Italy and the US.
-Write blog posts to document my wine experiences (winery trips, dinners, etc.)
-Generate followers and encourage people to share comments on the blog posts.
Audience: My husband and I, friends and family, and hopefully other wine enthusiasts.
Achieving goals: I plan on using a WordPress template that is simple and is easily customizable. To ensure everything is organized nicely, I plan on creating custom post types. I also plan on sharing the website through social channels to drive awareness.
Theme: Magazine Basic (
Functionality & Design:
-Create a child theme
-Develop a custom post type and taxonomies for ‘region’ and ‘year’
-Change the look of the theme by altering CSS code
-Import social media widget
-Add content (at least five collection bottles with images and descriptions, and one post highlighting winery experience).

4 thoughts on “Veoni Vine

  1. Charlotte LaMontagne

    I find it interesting that even though we are doing topics that seemed so similar while we were brainstorming in class, our proposals really highlight how diverse and different our sites will end up being. I look forward to getting some good food/wine pairing ideas from your site!

  2. Robert Snyder

    Our sites are definitely unique from one another. My wife and I really enjoy wine as well, and I think we would actually appreciate a site like yours to get turned on to new wines. And you know how fellow wine enthusiast are always recommending bottles to one another, with stories about where they were when they first had it? I was thinking there’s no website I know of where you can find that. It would be cool to not only see you and your husbands collection, but also see a bunch of people’s recommendations.

    By the way, I recommend trying Tannat from Uruguay. Hard to find, but a great red wine!


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