Lost in the Sauce

I knew that missing a class would leave me a little behind, especially in this class. However, I felt completely lost when I started to read the e-mails that were stacked in my inbox for me when I returned from overseas. The blog posts left me even more confused. I really feel like I missed an entire semester. The good thing is that after reading ALL of the blog posts, it because apparent that I wasn’t the only one lost. So in a pack of hunting dogs, I’m going to be the red fox that looks forward and shuts up. Hopefully I’ll blend in until I catch up.

What specifically confused me was just the apparent advancement everyone seemed to make on their personal sites. You all really seem to be pushing ahead. I think by the end of tonight, I’ll be completely caught up with you guys … and by that I mean I’ll be totally lost in my own site. 😉

It seems difficult to decide whether to create a functioning site first, and then tweak it, or try to create a very personal site first. I think I’m going to go with the former, and construct a very basic stie with the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme. No changes, just a flat out copy and past of my information into the theme. Once I do that, hopefully I can go back in and start to change things. I just want to see the site up and running, knowing I made it through the MAMP, CyberDuck, and other program problems, before I start experimenting.

I have actually set up a WordPress site before, through the .org service, and I enjoyed all of the personalization that was available. I think I can catch back up on that quickly, and then start to play with the coding behind them. The funny thing is, I’m guessing the first few changes I make in the HTML and CSS will be things I could have changed just going through WordPress’ personalization menus. We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll have to come up with things that are a bit more complicated.

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