It feels pretty good to be coming up on the deadline for this project. Without a deadline — and this goes for all projects of mine, not just coding ones — I’m prone to second-guess myself and keep changing or adding into eternity. Having a set date when we were meant to be “done” with our site means I had to reach a point where I was happy enough with the site to call it finished.

But, because my site functions as a personal portfolio, I’ll never really beĀ done with it — I’ll keep adding elements as I complete work I’m proud of, and deleting others that start to feel elementary as my skills improve. I’ll change the design as trends and technology evolve, and I might even add a new page or two if a career move or personal project demands more space on the site. All of which is to say that, although the deadline hits in just over four hours, I don’t really feel the sense of relief and pride that I usually get when I finish a project at class or work. I do feel excited by what I’ve learned and what I’ve been able to do, but more of my mind is focused on what elseĀ I want to do with the site once this class is over and I have some more time to put into it.

Most of my work this past week was spent on finishing touches, which, for me, meant adding more content to my posts. I spent way too much time sizing and positioning images in my “Clips” section, and I’m still not happy with how they stack up as screen size shifts (which is especially relevant for mobile optimization). But all in all, I’m pleased with how the site looks and I kind of can’t believe I figured out how to change the theme to suit my needs! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s sites on Tuesday.

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