Honest Assessment

I originally posted kind of a downer post, but after reading everyone else’s, I decided to try again.

So I think this week I did a lot with my site. I began with some basic css code to clean up the TwentyTwelve theme. I got rid of all the extra words on the theme, to include the text around the comments box, the “categories” text, and even the “Powered by WordPress.” (Sorry WordPress). Once it was clean, I started to look for ways to make the site styling more personal. I found a pretty nice code example for a home page and copied that into my stylesheet. That allowed me to take my clean theme, and start to build a “display case” for my photographs. Initially, I had some functionality issues, but through some tweaks and Google searches, I was able to clean it up.

Once I had the display figured out, I started to add some “functionality.” I encased that in quotes, because I may be misusing the term. I basically made the site comfortable to browse. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were a guest, and that I was sharing my life experiences with him or her. So I used my widgets and menus to guide them through the site as if it were a scrapbook sitting on their lap. However, I tried to do that without compromising the cleanliness of my site.

I added a small Twitter feed on the sidebar, and included an interactive world map that called back to locational tags I created for each photo. I also created a custom contact page, with personal error messages in case a user got it wrong.

Hmm, what else? I definitely customized the look of the header, and removed it from all pages other than my home page. I eliminated borders around photos, and set up permalinks that were a little “prettier,” as they are described.

All-in-all, I learned to use plugins, widgets, and menus to build my site the way I wanted. Then I created five or six unique pages in my child-theme to add the extra functionality and look that WordPress couldn’t provide. Honestly, I got the impression that I hadn’t done much, but I think once Tuesday comes around, my work will come through. I did bust my tail on this site, and I am very pleased with how it looks. Like others, I think I too will continue to make improvements. However, considering where I began, this is quite an achievement in my mind.

For those who may have read my first post, please disregard. 🙂

“See” you Tuesday.


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