Few Mishaps this Week… But Ready to Launch

I can’t believe it’s already time to present our sites. In nine weeks, I went from knowing very little about web development to having a fully functioning website. Not only is the visible aspect of the site gratifying, but having knowledge about the “behind the scenes” coding and application part (MAMP, GitHub, GoDaddy and Cyberduck) is just as rewarding.

Last week I felt pretty good about my site – the functionality was complete, all I had left to do was add some content via my custom post type (CPT). When I began adding posts, however, I quickly realized that my site was not “calling” my CPT posts – it was only calling the generic posts built into the theme. After some good-old Codex research and collaborating with Charlotte, we discovered that we needed to add a filter that would “get my CPT posts.” Four lines of code later, we got it to work – but I wasn’t out of the woods yet.

In addition to creating my CPT called ‘wine,’ I created two custom taxonomy categories (region and year). The plan was to have each post searchable by year or region. While my CPT and taxonomies were showing up just fine in the Admin for last few weeks, I realized this weekend that only my ‘region’ taxonomy works properly in the actual posts. This was very frustrating because I created the region and year taxonomy the Exact. Same. Way. Trust me, I looked at this code for about two hours yesterday.

At this stage of the game, I decided to delete the ‘year’ category and just roll with the ‘region’ category. I plan on troubleshooting the problem again because having the ‘year’ category would be nice, but since our sites are due today, I decided it’s better to have the site working without the additional taxonomy than having a malfunctioning site.

Looking back at my initial pitch, my site is pretty much on par with what I set out to accomplish. But, now that I know substantially more about coding/programming than I did back then, I wish I had time to do more. I’m looking forward to further developing my site, but for now, I’m at happy place.

Excited to see everyone’s sites on Tuesday!

Advice for next time: Always check that your theme is supported by ALL browsers. I learned the hard way that my theme (Magazine Basic) is not supported by Chrome, so please view in Firefox or Safari.

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