Someone should tell my code I have a deadline to meet and make it cooperate.

It is interesting to look back on previous posts and see what my expectations were at the beginning of the semester were, and comparing them to what I have accomplished today. I was ambitious and definitely overestimated my own future abilities but overall I would say I did ok. We have talked quite a bit this semester about how learning to code is an ongoing process that takes time and serious amounts of practice/effort. Putting a deadline on it means that some things will get done, others probably not. At the end of the day I like my website but know that with more time I could have tweaked it just a little bit more. Obviously these are things that I can still do, just not before the deadline or for my web development class grade.

By this time last week I thought I was done with coding. All I had to do was insert content and voila, the website was done. However, things don’t always turn out the way we think they will. In class I left an extra space at the bottom of my php file which crashed my entire website. Once this was solved, the code I added to make my custom post type file properly under categories was glitchy and I couldn’t figure out the problem. Being a visual person I have a hard time wrapping my mind around concepts when I read them. I need to discuss them and see someone physically show them to me. This made solving the glitch difficult since I knew the project was due before I would see anyone else from class, or really anyone in my life who might have had the proper knowledge to help explain the problem to me. With the final deadline was approaching I decided to circumvent using categories and figure out the problem at another time, one when I am not facing a time crunch.

We have all been working on our projects in class and yet, I have no idea what other people’s pages look like! I’m excited to check them out and see how the ideas we discussed during circle time back in May take shape on everyone’s websites.

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