Critique and Changes Update

The most common critiques were about white space and descriptions for my photos. Unfortunately, I was only able to resolve the latter. I added brief descriptions to the photos that I felt weren’t self-explanatory, or that I thought had especially interesting stories behind them. The remainder of the photos I left at a thousand words…

I wasn’t able to resolve the white space issue, at least not completely. On the content pages, I was able to adjust sizes to decrease some white space, but on a large enough screen the white space is unavoidable. At least as far as I can tell. On the home page, I was able to address the white space a few different ways, but each of them created a new and worse problem. It’s something I’ll have to continue to research and work on, and something I may not resolve before the course is complete. Another suggestion was too bring the image headers closer to the bottom of the image, when viewing category pages. This is something I have struggled with. I’ll continue to work on it, but I’ll probably need to submit the question to a help site.

There was one aesthetic suggestions, which was where to place the home link. I left that one open for now, because even though I don’t want to move the home button location, I think I can draw more attention to it with some styling.

Other issues that classmates brought up were resolved more easily, and they are as follows:

  1. Header not centered on larger screens (resolved).
  2. Like buttons not working (resolved).
  3. Misspelled url on “Architectures” page (resolved).
  4. Unnecessary info above Twitter widget (resolved).

Additional issues I noticed this week:

  1. Admin comment highlighter not working (resolved).
  2. Menu not centered (resolved).

I’m still working on a lot of other things that I’m finding online. There’s too much honestly. I think I’m going to burn out and a year from now you’ll clink on my link only to find the page covered in cobwebs. 🙂

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