The definition of ‘done’

I found the Agile scrum methodology to be quite interesting. The emphasis on following the rules and the critical role of good communication in keeping projects on task was fascinating to me. It was also something that I felt, when applied correctly, could be applied to anything, not just coding projects. I was a little confused by the idea of change however. In the video, it was made clear that mid-sprint, things should not be changed. It throws off the team and leads to potential failure. Rather, goals should be established at the beginning of the sprint and everyone needs to stick with them. In the Agile Manifesto however, it states that:

Welcome changing requirements, even late in 
development. Agile processes harness change for 
the customer’s competitive advantage.

I assume that these two elements of Agile are likely not as contradictory as I seem to think they are but for a novice like me, it still seems a little complicated.

One aspect of the video I found especially interesting, as is apparent by the title of this post, is the term ‘done’ and the many contradictory understandings people have of it. Our website projects are done today but are they actually done? Probably not. They were done last week as well and look at how much more work everyone has put into them! I think everyone has their own understanding of what an assignment being done means. Because of this, it is critical for everyone working together on projects or on the same team to share these understandings to maximize success.

Some last thoughts to leave you all with:

1. I wrote this post entirely in WordPress using the expanded page view Greg shared with us rather than copy pasting from Microsoft Word. It was my first time doing so and although it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be, having the page background fade in and out of white while I was typing was incredibly distracting.

2. I had a nightmare last night about getting stuck in traffic and not being able to post an analysis post by 5 p.m. I wish I was kidding.

2 thoughts on “The definition of ‘done’

  1. Susan Veoni

    I too tried the expanded page view in WordPress — not a fan of the page fading in and out!

    But, typing directly into WordPress was much easier than copying and pasting.


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