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I usually try not to compare my work to others’ — it’s a fast way to feel inadequate — but I truly enjoyed our sharing exercise last week. I was relieved to see that my site was on the same “level” as everyone else’s, of course, but even better was the inspiration I got from all of your sites. It’s amazing the kinds of creative things people come up with when you arm them with some code know-how and a simple WordPress parent theme.

Now that our class is almost over, I’ve started thinking about how I can use what I’ve learned to continue to improve my site. I definitely want to work through some more Codecademy lessons, keep studying the WordPress Codex and find more tutorials on CSS. So far, I think my site looks about average for a portfolio site, but I want it to be impressive. There were a few changes you all suggested that I didn’t get a chance to make this weekend, I want to make my heading stand out more with a shadow (with the plan to eventually design a graphic logo out of my name), find a better way to make my clip photos into a visually appealing grid (maybe using a plugin?) and make my site more mobile-friendly. After seeing how helpful it was to get feedback from the class, I’ve also sent the link to a few design-minded friends to get their thoughts on the layout and user-friendliness. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else’s sites progress even after our class ends!

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