Still a Lot of Work To Do

It was great getting input from the class on the site. I was so busy trying to do the things I originally set out to do that I didn’t even think of some of the easily implemented upgrades my site could have benefitted from.  The idea to make external links open up in new pages instead of changing the page was especially helpful, as I realize I flood the reader with links.  It forces them to continually hit the back button and start the article over at the top of the page, which is really annoying for a multi-tasker like me who needs multiple windows open and quick access to different pages at all times.  I found new ways to make my gallery better and to make my footer more playful and witty, and have found ways to edit nearly every text part of my site.

I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do.  Still, my custom meta boxes haunt me.  This time I even copy and pasted the Smashing Magazine and WordPress files right into a plugin folder and didn’t touch them, and the meta boxes still failed to show up.  It’s the one thing that I think I really failed at and wished I could have gotten to work, although now that I think of it, I probably wouldn’t actually have much use for it given the nature of my posts.

I don’t consider my site done.  I think I’m going to continue to think of ways to improve the site (especially when it comes to design) and figure out how to make it more responsive for mobile. I now have a great base of knowledge (and great Googling skills) and think that with enough time and effort I can eventually get my site to where I want to be.  Maybe then I’ll actually start creating content on a more consistent basis.

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