The Final Step

What a rollercoaster of a class. I went from being completely misunderstood from the first day, to at least being able to make some sense of the things I was coding. Web Development introduced me to a world of knowledge that I didn’t even knew existed. I was learning things I never expected to learn, in a much different capacity than anything I’ve ever experienced. The idea of developing a website that would highlight my self seemed like something that would have impossible to achieve. However, with a bit of help as well as figuring things on my own no matter the circumstance helped me to produce something I am proud of.

While I have now caught the bit of a bug that is coding, I could see myself being interested in exploring python. It is interesting to uncover different types of coding measures that could be used for any number of things. I think the best part about this class was to understand the practical meaning of the code we would be using in any given event. To understand what I was coding made a significant improvement on my ability to understand what it was I was typing in Sublime.

I appreciate this class for challenging me and for the knowledge I have gained from this class. A lot of credit goes to my professor and his manner of teaching the class. I hope I can take the things I’ve learned from this class and hopefully use it for something in my benefit for the near future. To be able to have some experience with coding in this class will gratefully benefit me when it comes to speaking about or even working with similar technology in the near future. I hope to continue my learning of this skill and perfect it in a way that it may benefit or advance my legal career. Thank you.

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