The End of the Road…

This semester has been an interesting one, to say the least. It definitely opened my eyes up to the world of web development and all the endless career possibilities that include the skills of web development. I am thankful for all the skills I learned this semester and excited to see how I can use them in the future. Following this class, I want to further my knowledge, to do that I want to do three things. First, I want to dive deeper into HTML. I feel like playing with that more will help deepen my understanding. I feel like we learning this is really the basis of web development. I can use these skills on making my online portfolio pretty unique and stand-out amongst the others. Secondly, I want to expand my knowledge of CSS. I’m really interested in the making things aesthetically pleasing, so a knowledge of this could really help my ideas become a reality. Lastly, I want to see how I can use these skills in my journalism career. I think having these skills will really help me in the grand scheme of things. My self-learning plans includes, to continue lesson on CodeAcademy, watching tutorials and speaking with the subject of my midterm regularly to help me troubleshoot issues. I will begin this plan over Winter Break, while I have more time to really do a deep dive, opposed to my jammed packed semester schedule.

Prof. Greg, thanks for all the guidance and insight you provided me this semester. I throughly enjoyed the class, it was a welcomed challenge.

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