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As I completed the first two assignments on CodeAcademy, I couldn’t help but be super grateful for the detailed instructions that Codecademy gave as it walked me through each piece of the lesson. I found that the first lesson made a lot of sense and I was able to pick up the concept and general structure of an HTML code quickly, but I struggled more on the second lesson and putting even more specific concepts together. I was able to work through most of them, but I definitely wondered how I would memorize and make sure to not miss tiny details that are required for clean, workable code.

The GitHub activity was simple but confused me, as I wasn’t sure how this fit in with our HTML learning – I am assuming that repositories will be where we place our code once we start writing it, but there was less explanation and hand-holding in this exercise compared to the Codecademy assignments. Following the instructions was very difficult for me, and I hope that in this week’s class we will go over the importance of this program, how it fits in with our programming knowledge, and walking us through repositories and how we will be using the pull/merge requests throughout the semester. I’m also not totally sure if I submitted the right GitHub repo test, but I have included the link below. The GitHub guide link that was provided as reading for homework this week was somewhat helpful, but I think it would be even more beneficial to hear this part of our curriculum explained in person — especially how it will be incorporated into our learning this semester. Hoping for a lot more clarity on this topic in the coming week, and looking forward to diving further into our Codecademy assignment and analyzing each piece that we have learned so far!

GitHub test: readme-edits/readme-edits

Codecademy Profile:

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