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After our first class, I was feeling very apprehensive and overwhelmed by all of the content and vocabulary that web editing and creation brings to the table. However, after the readings and assignments this week, I feel like I have gained a basic understanding when it comes to HTML programming.

The Getting Started: HTML & CSS article and Basic Intro to HTML/CSS article were extremely helpful when explaining the tags, and creating a list of the most basic tags that one will use when coding in HTML. The metaphor about a website being like a house was very helpful when looking at the land as a server, and the structure of the home being HTML. It allowed for me to put things into perspective and understand what before was gibberish.

Prior to these lessons and readings, I didn’t really comprehend that HTML and CSS work together. I originally believed that they were two separate languages. When in reality, CSS can be inserted directly into html tags.

As a PR professional I felt a direct connection to the Getting Started articles concept that to introduce web development to journalists and PR professionals, you must think like them, and how they care about headlines, content, and timing. This is very true and will help me in the future if I need to communicate web development with clients. The Getting Started article also touched on how we forget how to code faster than a foreign language, so I did my best this week to space out the time working on the assignments so that I can continually refresh my memory on the subject.

As far as the assignments go for this week, I found the Codecademy to be very hands on and helpful. However, I didn’t fully understand GitHub. Although the formula was easy to follow, I can’t say with full certainty that I understand the need for using it and how it can help my coding abilities.


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