Linking Languages Together

This week we learned about various CSS elements that help us provide very specific design elements that jazz up our web pages. As we went through each long assignment, I loved how detailed CSS allowed you to be in designing your web page — down to the position on the page, font size and color, and more. However, I did find it difficult to fully digest and be able to reproduce so much CSS information all at once — in our prototype webpage assignment I felt as if I needed to go back and check how to execute every single command that I wanted on my page. I also definitely understood how difficult it could be to construct detailed websites with lots of different style elements across different pages – I can’t even imagine how much time and energy that must take! As much as I enjoyed being able to manipulate my page in this way, I did find it challenging to try and go back and remember the various HTML commands we learned in the previous week, to make both parts of our web site fit together seamlessly. Personally, I don’t think we spent enough time getting comfortable with the HTML language before moving right along to CSS, though I’m sure we will revisit it a lot throughout the rest of the semester.

In our readings, I really enjoyed reading the “Responsive Web Design” narrative on Though it took me some time to read through (mostly because I wanted to try and absorb as much of it as possible, and therefore took the time to remind myself about specific verbiage), I liked that the author walked the reader through writing out each component, how that changed the architecture of the website, and the changes in overall responsiveness to the site as well – a subject I feel as though we have not touched on much yet.

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