Multitasking and Trial and Error

As a general rule I try not to multitask with my homework. Bad things can happen. Mistakes can be made and deadlines can be missed. This time, my decision not to do so cost me a lot of time this week.

The Codecademy courses are thorough and overall great. While doing each exercise and even after, I thought I understood the steps. I can run the new code without getting an error message or troubleshoot relatively quickly. I thought I was set. When it came time to actually write the code on my own, even for something very simple, I could barely do it without turning back to the lessons.

It did not help that Sublime did not recognize some of the code. It considered ‘px’ as incorrect code when I tried to change the font size. I also had some trouble linking my style page to the html. W3’s site and Codecademy were helpful but for some reason I could not find a solution for this.

I do like editing in Sublime though. As long as the rules are followed, they make it easy to read the code and go back and fix my mistakes. An added and non-code related bonus is that Sublime lets you change the editor’s background.

GitHub is still very much a mystery to me. I will definitely need to spend a lot of time working this on platform. I created a new repository for this project and while I was able to preview the site before I ‘saved’ it but could not after. This time GitHub and Google were my guides but I did not realize it was not showing properly until today.

Web Development will require a lot of trial, error, and Googling before I am able to get this right with, hopefully, fewer tries.


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