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This week’s assignment was very difficult, and I felt quite unprepared for the task at hand, even with the jQuery Code Academy assignment under my belt. I also noticed that I was prompted with multiple notifications from Codecademy alerting me to jQuery’s lessons being updated this summer — which I’m guessing may possibly link to the fact that it seemed like the lesson was very bug-heavy.

There were multiple instances in the lessons where I struggled to find the answer, and the hints proved to be unhelpful. I hope they fix this bug soon, as it took me twice as long to complete this assignment than usual (and they took me forever to begin with!)

As for the slide show assignment, I felt as if I relied on Googling and researching the answers I’d need to make things work instead of relying on the information we have learned in previous classes. Also, I still did not feel comfortable enough to use jQuery to complete parts of the JavaScript assignments, so I stuck with JavaScript to complete it and even then I found many parts of getting the slideshow to work challenging.

Somehow, I was able to make the slides rotate through, but it was an arduous effort to try and get everything to work together…I’m still not even sure how I was able to get it. Hopefully we can work through lots of people’s work to discuss challenges that I’m sure were felt across the class!

Midterm Preview: I will be interviewing a friend of mine with a extensive developing background, who built a website for a counselor/therapist practice in the Washington, DC area.

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