JavaScript & jQuery: Still Having Trouble

This week has been very difficult. I still haven’t fully understood Javascript, and then being pushed into jQuery has been difficult. I feel like I am forgetting things I thought I knew about HTML and CSS since we are moving at such a quick pace. The jQuery assignments on Codecademy were much more difficult and didn’t give you the answer after a few tries so you could easily see what you did and wrong learn from it. I found this to be extremely annoying, and unhelpful.

As far as the assignment goes, I am not pleased with my performance. I spent an enormous amount of time on this assignment as well as Codecademy and still haven’t been able to get through them easily, or with understanding. I could never get my code to work completely for my slideshow, and found that very frustrating.

For future classes, I am hoping that we really go through what we need to know for assignments. I felt as though I still wasn’t able to complete this because I wasn’t completely sure of the right things to be plugging in. I understand it is a learn-as-you-go type of class, but I still think that we are going at too fast of a pace to really learn-as-you-go because of the turnaround on assignments and lengthiness of the Codecademy homework. Unfortunately with a full-time job and weekend part-time job I am unable to give this homework the attention it needs. However, when signing up for this class I didn’t realize that the “introductions” were going to be so fast paced and I would be continually spinning my wheels to try and keep up. I hope that in future classes now that we have at least kind of gone over the “basics” we will be able to move slower.

Assignment on GitHub:

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