The Challenges of jQuery

This week, I started out with completing the jQuery exercises for Codecademy, which was really challenging because it didn’t provide the code. I had to really concentrate in order to find it. I worked on it for 8 straight hours.  What is rewarding about code is that when you get it, you feel so accomplished, but what is frustrating is the process. It feels never-ending. I have more respect for web developers’ patience the more that I code.

I am currently on the search for a web developer. I had a lead but he just went out of the country, so now I am scrounging Linkedin for some possible people. I would love to speak with a developer from a major news outlet like the Washington Post or NPR, because they are working where I would love to work.

Completing the slideshow exercise is no easy feat. It took me at least 3 hours on Saturday night to try to make a file on Sublime, especially since I had to miss class Wednesday. Luckily, my classmates helped me out by reminding me I have to put the photos in the same file to link the images. I’ve been depending on W3 to help me out with code and while I have started the file on Sublime, I’m still trying to figure it out which will unfortunately take me a little longer than I thought. Learning web development sometimes tests my patience and it’s frustrating because I like things to happen fast. Hopefully, after I speak with a developer and keep practicing, I will become better at this with hard work and drive.

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