Nothing Simple About This

At this point, I have not finished the jQuery tutorial. I also have not managed to put the slideshow together. Despite doing all I can to clean and improve my code I have had very little success. All this time I thought my CSS was incorrectly linked to my HTML because I never saw any of the changes go live. Today I remembered JSFiddle and saw my boring white background turn blue. Victory, yes but still a small one since the title is still justified to the left.

I’m trying to build the slideshow code but even after extensive Googling and doing the courses I’m still having trouble just starting and not copying what w3schools has done. I understand the purpose and uses of jQuery and agree that it can is useful. For the parts of it I understand, I like and can probably write on my own. These lessons did a great job of forcing us to start the code from scratch. It could have been because the structure required for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are not necessary here.

This week, my post will be very similar to those of my classmates. I do have to say that the class discussion forum has been very helpful. More so than Codeacademy. There is a notification at the top of the lesson that says they will be updating the jQuery lessons. I desperately wish these updates would have happened before we started this course but, oh well. The structure is  dramatically different, the hints are even less helpful, and there is no way to get the code and start again. Sometimes even when there are problems with the code it allows you to advance to the next step.

Developer interview:

For the midterm I interviewed a developer who is relatively new to the field. Tiffanie Johnson works for Forum One and is currently striving towards becoming a subject matter expert in Angular and Drupal 8.

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