PHP, MAMP- Better, But Still Not 100%

Just as I feel like I finally understand something, it seems to all break down. Last week I felt like I was completely understanding PHP, and to be honest, I feel like I still do. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with it hooking up with my MAMP server. However, if that is my only struggle, and I am not almost in tears like I was with JavaScript, then that’s alright with me. It might have been because I wasn’t in class when we went over this, or that I am reading the instructions wrong, but I for some reason cannot find where it says “phpmyadmin” to create a new database. I am continuing to work on it, but am getting a little frustrated. But, like I said, I think I am fully understanding PHP and have been able to create a folder under htdocs, so hopefully I will eventually get it running sometime in the near future.

As far as this week goes, I am really enjoying PHP and have taken some of the additional courses on Codecademy in my spare time. I don’t understand it as well as HTML, or CSS, but it’s coming along.

For the readings, I found them very helpful this week. I am still a little bit confused about the child and parent themes in WordPress, but am hoping this is something that we will attend to in class next week.

Overall, I am pleased to be feeling this way. During the time when we were working JavaScript and the slideshow, I thought I might have to drop the class because I couldn’t understand. Now, I am feeling a little bit more confident in my skills and knowledge of the material. I am really looking forward to the final project and creating my own personal portfolio.

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