Final Pitch- Personal Portfolio

About: When sitting down and thinking about which project I should do (choosing between a sports blog and personal portfolio) I decided that the best use of my time would be to create a personal portfolio website. I know this may not be the most exciting creation, but I do think that it will be useful to have in the future in order to put a twist on a regular resume. I would like to include my resume along with display my work done throughout the Georgetown PRCC program, my college communications work, along with my work from Sage Communications. Along with these displays, I would also like to showcase my coding skills in a way that  other potential future employers will see.

Audience: I am looking to put this website on all of my social media accounts along with my resume, so my audience will be my coworkers, friends, family, and future employers.

Goals: My goals are to focus on HTML and CSS in a way to create an interactive, well designed site. I would also love to be able to add this to my resume, as stated above, as a way to further engage and impress potential employers.

How will I achieve these goals/Planned Modifications: 

  • I will add links to my social media accounts that are available for employers to scan.
  • I will add a contact form plug-in
  • I will change the color scheme, as well as add designs
  • I want the buttons on the sides to get dark and the others to become light when I hover over them.

Theme: Portfolio lite


UPDATED: How will I achieve these goals/Planned modifications:

  • I will create a contact form
  • I will change the color scheme
  • I will add designs: boxes around various site content
  • I will add links to my social media accounts
  • I will add a PDF viewer plug-in
  • I will add social media links in the footer

Theme: Anissa


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