Starting to Come Together

This week I feel rejuvenated. I sat down last weekend confused and not sure exactly where to begin. After class this week, I was able to really think about the things that I want on my site, and visualize how I wanted it to look and feel. On Friday I took the night to work on the project, and really got into CSS. I was on a roll and was getting really excited as more and more designs began to come alive on my page.

On Saturday, a few girls in the class came to my apartment complex to work on the project together and be able to bounce ideas a hardships on each other. We worked for about four hours, and I was able to add to my CSS from the previous night. I learned that my work from the previous night wasn’t exactly best practice, and so I worked on calling out the specific id’s and classes that day.

I will need to update my final-pitch post with my new plan of attack, and how I intend to make changes to my final project. (I will be doing this tonight, or early tomorrow morning.)


  1. My main problem at the moment is that I am trying to get rid of the sidebar where the widgets would go, so that my site content is centered. I have reworked the CSS so that the wording is centered, and created new php child folders for page, search, sidebar, and single that have the “sidebar” functions deleted. So my question is how to go about deleting the sidebar. That is the way that worked for Lucy, but for some reason it isn’t working on my theme.

As for right now, that is my main question. As I continue to work throughout tonight and tomorrow I may come up with a few more and will email them to you.

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