The Finish Line

I spent the weekend making some minor modifications to the styling of my blog’s homepage, and got better at committing them to Github. I have also been tracking my progress and adding to do’s in the Projects section.

Today,  I dove in to my interactive map. I found a widget I like and activated it, and now need to figure out the right changes for the final look, feel, and functionality. I’d really like to like pins on the map to specific posts.

Once that is complete, I am going to focus on modifying the Comment box to add some additional input boxes and, if I have time, I want to customize a post for my travel posts – to include “Stops,” “Days,” and “A Short Memory” (or something like that).

And finally, the class has been posting about FileZilla and how to get our sites up and running live. I plan to test this a few times before next Sunday. Fingers crossed time permits!

On an unrelated note, but to Greg’s shoutout a couple week’s back, I came across this article today about Basecamp. For someone like myself who is very much into taking multiple/as many as possible vacations each year, this company is sounding more and more appealing to me! Their software uses Ruby on Rails, so perhaps my next adventure in computer programming needs to start there! 😉

Cheers and may the force be with you all! The finish line awaits!


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