Final-ly done!

Our final projects are completed, and I can definitely say that this was a huge learning process not only for my coding ability but also my general understanding of the Internet (calling back to our first week of class!) and the various terminologies I’m not familiar with. This was a very challenging assignment — and personally, one that I wished we had been working on since the beginning of class — but the time crunch certainly helped me put myself in the shoes of real developers who are likely given incredible deadlines to get so much more than was expected of me done.

One of the toughest parts of this assignment was simply learning how to Google everything, and realizing that there was a lot not covered in class that I was teaching myself just to get things on my site to run smoothly. Not to say that our class wasn’t helpful — and it absolutely was! — but I think relying on Google taught us the real way that developers learn and troubleshoot their own problems. It was a challenge, but at least it was very true to the real world.

As outlined in my final pitch post, I made the following modifications. Overall I’m fairly happy with the outcome of my website, and I hope I’ll be able to come back to it post-class to make other tweaks later on as I continue to progress in my professional career. Looking forward to reading everyone’s feedback!

  • A contact form in the footer of each page that will send an email to me alerting me of the submission.
  • Display an embedded document (my resume) on my website.
  • Add images of me and my previous work.
  • I will add link to my social media accounts as a way for website visitors to find me.
  • Add a Google font to make the text more unique and interesting.
  • Hover over menu options at the top of the screen in a particular color.
  • Add a Google map displaying my international work and travel.
  • Additional theme, color, and design element changes, including modifications to the navigation bar.



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