Finally the Final is Finished

After multiple days and over 20 hours, I have finally completed my final personal portfolio website! I feel extremely happy and am impressed with the outcome that I was able to create. Since the beginning of this class, I was very skeptical and concerned about this project and had no idea how I would ever be able to have a somewhat polished looking site.

Over the past few weeks I have learned a lot about trusting the process and most importantly learning how to Google the right things before asking for help. For example, there was a reply box added to my site that I hadn’t originally put on there and could not for the life of me figure out how to get it off. I tried to delete all of it off of WordPress, and still couldn’t figure out it. Then I turned to Google and was able to find out that I needed to download a plugin that would disable any comment boxes or features. This project has taught me that I need to be more patient and not give up when I can’t figure things out on the first try. In essence, it has taught me a new perspective.

As I had outlined in my final pitch post, I created a personal portfolio that can be looked at by potential employers. I wanted to have a place that held my portfolio, my resume, and just a little bit about myself and my journey into the Public Relations field.

My modifications were as follows:

  • I created a contact form
  • I changed the color scheme
  • I added designs: boxes around various site content
  • I added links to my social media accounts in the footer section through HTML
  • I added PDF viewer plug-in

I am very proud of the website I have created and couldn’t imagine that I would have been able to do this at the beginning of the semester.

My website :

My Github:

^^^ my github wouldn’t let me add another main branch so I had to delete everything from the hello-world repo!

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