Final Pitch

What/Why: After really spending the effort to come up with something clever or different,  I figured that it was in my best interest to develop a personal portfolio with my new skills. It is unoriginal (suggested, actually, I believe), but it is an opportunity to put all the hard work I’ve done in my undergraduate career into one place. I have made portfolios before, but this one will be the one I use moving forward that will have all the cool gadgets. I plan to include my resume, a generic cover letter, and example of my work ranging from academic papers to news articles and even a little bit of photography I do on the side. I also plan on linking my social media and contact information on the site. The plan is for this to show my best work as well as show off the ability to create a functioning portfolio on my own. Just in an effort to show my versatility in all facets of content media, and even those things that happen behind the scene.

Who: This will be for future employers, as well as friends and family who are curious to see what it is I am up to these days. Those who may see me on LinkedIn or other various websites can go to this page to see if I fit their criteria for an employee.



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