Learning Modules on Codecademy

For this week’s module, I want to reflect in more detail about my experiences on Codecademy. Just to mention, even after the readings I still did not know what to anticipate for the actual activities and lessons.

First off, I liked the format and method that Codecademy used to teach HTML. I felt like the breakdown of lessons into different segments kept relevant and more advanced information lumped together, which made it feel more approachable and manageable. Also, viewing everything side by side in a single window was awesome! Seeing the detailed instructions that included pictures, the input area and the coded results all in one look made it easier to learn. I utilized the “Show Solution” option after two failed attempts and it corrected my mistake. This allowed me to go through the text and see the difference between what I had input and what was needed to follow the instructions. Information checking in the form of a quiz was beneficial to reinforce some of the new information I learned.

I had learned some HTML in elementary school when we made our own webpages through HTML, so a lot of the tags and attributes came back to me easily. However, I did have difficulty making the unordered lists and ordered lists appear with bullets or numbers. I will just have to keep working on it.

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