Music in the key of code

This week’s assignment was good. It rekindled my burning frustration with forgetting to close p tags, but the Codecademy setup was so intuitive that my questions were resolved almost immediately. I remember using W3 for learning to code in one undergrad course, and the user-friendly nature of this homework workflow (at least, so far) is far easier than editing in a notepad locally and refreshing the page.

Another point of reflection I’d note was the music. In fact, it was quite funny because I immediately thought of music (basic seven notes) before the actual guitar reference. Bringing things into perspective is a lot better for digesting. Just like learning a basic 2-chord song (HTML) for starting off is better than introducing a beginner to jazz standards (JavaScript). Whenever I try to encourage other people to play an instrument they’re reluctant about picking up, I often tell them to think about what they want to do rather than start off worrying how to do it. It appears the same logic is applied here.

I do agree, as you noted, you’ve got to practice a decent amount every day to build your skills and grow without forgetting too much in between down time. That’s not unlike music (or Mandarin and Spanish, which I haven’t practiced in years and have thus forgotten.) I’m glad that the Code Academy assignments allow you to reset them for practicing them further.

Regrading our websites, I would want to make a music review site where music is catalogued by genre>artist>album>year. It would be a mix of niche interest, personal and business. I already have some form of cross-page organization in mind in addition to that general hierarchy I just mentioned. The purpose of the website would be to show album art, an artist’s full discography, include references (at the bottom of each page) to similar artists and other purposes. I think it’s somewhat of a wiki page that is more in-depth, adding personal review sections as supplementary elements after straight factual info.

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