We had the chance to get exposed to a lot of information learning JavaScript this week. For the future, I want to start the assignments for the week much earlier so I allow myself to digest the information at a slower pace instead of cramming them in three days. I felt like if I had taken my time with it, maybe left it for a bit and came back to it, I would have been able to understand the concepts more easily. 

Apart from doing the Codecademy lessons, I spent some time learning about JavaScript, the history, and the benefits of learning it. JavaScript is great because it is extremely useful and works on various platforms.  It is easy to learn and can be found everywhere. 

I liked how Codecademy walked us through the logic behind all the shortcuts they have. For example, they do a lesson on if/else and show us how it can get complicated when dealing with more code and when more items are included. Then in the lesson after, they teach us how to use functions to make the code simpler. It can be a little frustrating to learn something and practice it, then to realize it is useless because there is an easier shortcut. However, I think it is important to understand the logic behind all the shortcuts.

I definitely need to do more exercises to become more comfortable with JavaScript. I am going to make a list of the basic codes and try to memorize them. This might be handy when we build on the rest of the codes. I will be using Khan Academy to learn more about how HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can be utilized to work together and create a final product. Also as we get into jQuery, it will help us simplify HTML, CSS, etc. This will allow us to see the bigger picture among all these languages that we learned so far. 

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