JavaScript/jQuery gallery: So close yet so far!

This week’s JavaScript/jQuery assignment exposed my fear in my “bringing all the pieces together” post. The reality of contextualizing the experiences from the language programs and the others. Unlike the Codeacademy tutorials that focuses on a specific skill at a time, I noticed that the marriage between the difference programming languages could be challenging. I felt like I know and understand what is being required on the assignment, yet I was struggling to pull it off.


I made an interesting observation that, spending time to understand JavaScript is a must. There is a logical reasoning that is grounded in understanding JavaScript and without that one will be limited in their use of jQuery. I was caught up with mixing the programs from JavaScript and jQuery and I understand that is fine and will work, but will prefer being consistent with one, preferably JavaScript and eventually jQuery. I also observe from other tutorials that other programs used different methods for their gallery slideshows. They always lose me when they apply a shortcut and other built-in websites programs like light box for their projects.

I am pretty sure there are lots of mistakes in the logic I used for my code, but there seems to be no way out. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s post on their experiences.  I had my first interaction with the developer I’m profiling for the midterm assignment and she mentioned how JavaScript could be the most challenging, but the more you go after it the better understanding you gain. “It will click after several attempts.” she said.

I will like to know your views about this JavaScript tutorial I found on YouTube for assembling a gallery. It seems pretty straight forward.


1 thought on “JavaScript/jQuery gallery: So close yet so far!

  1. Greg Linch

    Re: this “I was caught up with mixing the programs from JavaScript and jQuery,” remember that jQuery is JavaScript — it’s just a library with shortcuts. It can be confusing at first remembering what’s plain JavaScript and what’s jQuery-specific, so no worries there. Practice and experience will help that!


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