Final-Pitch Updated 3


I am starting a new job where I will be working as a consultant. I will be working a set number of days per year, which leaves me with a free day or two a week. I want to create a personal business site where I promote my work, portfolio, resume, ideas about digital communications, etc. I would use the website to promote my business and book clients.


The audience for this site would be small businesses who are looking for someone to boost their social media and digital platforms. I would like to target the food and restaurant industry but could expand to more industries.


I want to promote my brand and book clients  

How I’ll achieve my goals:

I would put as much material on my site as possible. I would be consistent with my brand (colors and design I use throughout)


Personal Portfolio


  • I will add plugins for my social media accounts: I would create a list of social media images and link them to the platforms.   (YES)
    • what? social media icons
    • why? to connect my website page to the rest of my platforms
    • how? code the various images and link to my own social media
  • I will add a plugin for a favorite social media platform to use form 
    • what? basic form to submit your favorite social media platform
    • why? to provide more information about the client
    • how? i will code the plugin for that form
  • Create a child theme that allows hovering over menu options at the top: about, services, etc
    • what? menu hovering
    • why? to make the menus organized
    • how? create a child theme for menus and the hover option
  • Add a plugin for services  (YES)
    • what? services
    • why? to add services
    • how? code a plugin
  • Add a child theme for font and size of text (YES) 
    • what? child theme
    • why? organization
    • how? build a child theme for the function
  • Customize the fonts and theme colors



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