Final Project Pitch: Update

It’s Susan’s Thing

What: My final project is a simple, yet insightful website, that aims to share with its readers the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Who: My target audience would include individuals interested in the novelties in that sphere of life, in their twenties to mid-thirties and probably from English-speaking countries around the world.

As it comes to the theme of the website, I am aiming for a minimalist-look with a format of an online newsroom/blog. The posts would have a maximum of 200 words, with videos and links to external sources for more variation in terms of content. Some of the code customizations would include:

  • Gallery slideshows.
  • Contact forms.
  • Embedded videos in the posts.
  • CSS font variations (with colors/sizes consistent throughout the website).
  • CSS horizontal navigation bar.
  • PHP search bar.

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