That’s a wrap!

Let’s get back to the roots of my decision — namely the reason why I chose to take this course, even though it is not part of my program. At first, I thought “I’m done with most of my course requirements, so it would be fun to take something different, a class that could help me spread my wings.” I did it multiple times during my undergraduate study, where I have developed my passion for film photography. Thus, in January of 2019, my brain’s craving for fresh ideas was about to be satisfied. This investment of my time definitely paid off, as right now I can update my resume with a description of the basic web development skills I have acquired. After finishing the class, I will definitely aim to advance my skills and try to practice the languages I have learned throughout the course so that my knowledge doesn’t fade away.

I think I will concentrate on the basics such as HTML and CSS, which I could later on put on my resume and apply in my future career in media creation for my organization and clients. I could take on more tech-savvy projects and show off my skills to employers. I will definitely try to build confidence in my own abilities through online practice and maybe contribute to other Open Source projects on GitHub. Through this, I will make sure I understand the code and gain confidence in myself and whether I can articulate how to use it.

To conclude, it was an interesting experience, even though it required a lot of work and psychological strength. In the future, I will definitely consider taking a lighter course, especially when developing my professional career at the same time as I am working on my master’s degree.

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