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Final project pitch post

Goals: For my final project I plan to build a recipe site with rotating pictures, cooking instructions, and a Q&A section for recipe requests. Based on our in-class discussion, I think I will use a WordPress theme for the design, layout, fonts, colors, etc.

I envision the layout of the site being relatively simple and clutter free. Given that this isn’t really a ‘personal site’ I don’t feel the need to have a homepage introducing myself, why I made the site, etc. Instead I would like the main page to get right into the heart of the content – food. I will have header tabs that break up the recipes by “breakfast” “lunch” and “dinner,” but the homepage will house the most recent recipes posted to the site. I will then have a fourth tab that allows for house the “Request a Recipe!” portion of the site.

Audience: This site would be intended for anyone that enjoys cooking and is searching for new, fun recipes. I have always enjoyed cooking and, although I don’t claim to be an expert, I have a ton of good recipes that family and friends are always asking for. I think this site will be a fun project for me and something I would be proud to share and continue working on once our class is finished.

Planned Modifications:

1. A customized slideshow for each recipe (jQuery plugin)

2. A customized “Request a Recipe!” section where visitors can submit questions or requested recipes that are emailed directly to my account and then I can either choose to respond, post the recipe, etc. (PHP plugin)

3. I will also use HTML and CSS to build out the cooking instructions, ingredients, tips and tricks, etc. although I think a lot of this will be done directly in the WordPress site. I would be curious to hear your feedback (Greg or fellow classmates) on whether there are certain HTML/CSS designs I should consider outside of WordPress, or if it’s best to add plugins that focus more on jQuery and PHP.

URL: victoriakinnealey.com