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WMG Podcasters: Updated Pitch Post

About: Since I already have a portfolio website, I’m going to build a website for the public affairs firm I work at. At the Washington Media Group, I am a digital producer: my primary job is to produce podcasts for all of our clients. To promote our podcasting division, I will be building a website called wmgpodcasters.com.

Audience: The audience for my website will be potential clients that are interested in using our podcast services.

Goals: My boss wants me to be creative so my hope is to use all kinds of HTML, CSS, Javascript, a plugin, soundcloud and video codes and a contact form to highlight the vision of our firm so we can engage in the social-audio space. While building this website will probably be difficult, I imagine it will be rewarding since it will benefit my firm. It honestly is something I could not have done had I not taken this web development course.

How I Will Achieve these Goals/Planned modifications: 

  • I’m going to mainly use front-end because in public relations, we like to wow people with our appearances, especially since we are building a podcasting division. I am using a dark blue font with different sizes. I’ll use HTML, CSS and Javascript. I don’t see there being as much of a need for back-end or full stack but we will see as I keep experimenting with it.
  • I’m excited to use some of our plugins. I added in our Instagram feed as a plugin so we can incorporate the active work we do on social media. I will also use our custom logo (we have a logo specifically for our podcasting division). For podcasting, I have a section devoted entirely to audio. After reading the theme handbook, I know I will need to embed the audio files and play them back using a simple shortcode. I will probably use mp3 and control the audio player by using “wp-audio-shortcode”. I will also post our promotional video on the homepage. The WordPress video feature will allow me to embed the files and play them back with a simple shortcode. I will use Poster #, Height # and Width # to determine the media. I will probably also use mp4.

Theme: Melos

URL: wmgpodcasters.com

Overall, I am incredibly excited about where this journey will take me. I know there will be lots of challenges, but it will be rewarding.