Final Project Pitch for Personal Site

For our final project, my goal is to create a personal site to showcase my academic and professional experience to potential employers, who will be my main audience. I envision the site containing several sections: an about me page, a copy of my resume (in a format I can easily and frequently update), a section for work and writing samples, and one for contact and social media information. Overall, I would like the site to have a simple, clean-cut feel and be easy-to-navigate, particularly the section of my writing samples. I would also like to include a section for a small book review blog. I would like the blog, like the rest of the site, to be easy to navigate based on genres or authors.

In terms of custom features, one feature I would like to include is a rotating gallery on each page comprised of travel photos I’ve taken. Once I find a WordPress theme that would best help me get the clean, simple look I want, I will modify the CSS code to fit with that overall look.


  • To create a functional and complete personal site to showcase my academic and professional experience.
  • To effectively showcase my writing skills and previous work experience to potential employers.
  • To create a simple, clean-cut, and easy-to-navigate site that is logically organized.

Audience:  The site will be geared toward potential employers, and my blog will be geared toward fellow book-lovers, probably young millennials like me.  

How I Will Achieve My Goal:

  • Modify the theme to create a multi-section site with pages for an about me section, a copy of my resume, a page for work and writing samples, and a page for contact and social media information.
  • Create a side-blog and include at least one blog post to start.
  • Create a custom post-type for book reviews for the blog, as well as a metadata box for my current read.
  • Find a way to have visitors interact with the blog, like maybe a “what should I read next?” survey visitors can vote on or a rating system.

Theme: I plan to use Twenty Seventeen.

Track: full-stack

Planned modifications:

  • I would like to create a custom post type for book reviews on my small side blog which will include a field for number of pages, favorite quotes, and some type of rating system.
  • I would also like to experiment with creating a custom metadata box that will allow me to update any post I make to my blog with what I am currently reading, i.e. a “currently reading” or “current book” field.
  • I would like to see if I can figure out a way to have users interact with my blog by creating a survey where they can vote on the next book I’ll read and review.
  • I would like to create a self-rotating gallery on my main page of photos I’ve taken.


1 thought on “Final Project Pitch for Personal Site

  1. Greg Linch

    Nice work on the pitch! These all sound like good proposed modifications that also would meet the requirements for the final project.

    For the survey form and rating system, there are some WordPress plugins that can help meet those goals or serve as inspiration for your own.

    For the books, the Reading List plugin we looked at in class would be the best thing to look at in making yours.


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