Jane’s Final Pitch

Pitch for Final Project

I have been traveling more and more frequently in the past few years, and keep telling myself that I should blog about it. Well… what a perfect opportunity! So for my final project, I plan on creating a personal travel blog for my final project. It will include pictures of places I’ve been as well as stories, reflections, and reviews or recommendations.


  • Create a unique and personalized travel blog that is responsive and dynamic
  • Program an interactive world map with pins of places I have been and plan to go
  • Link to my Google calendar, “Upcoming Trips”
  • Gather info from visitors on where they live and ask them to share their favorite place ever traveled to
While I would love anyone interested in learning more about the places I go to read my blog, I’m realistic and assume it will mostly serve as a memory journal for myself and a “what’s Jane up to these days” resource for close friends and family. But I will develop the site for all world explorers.
How I’ll achieve my goals:
  • I will select a theme within WordPress and manipulate the HTML and CSS to develop my blog, including creating a child theme.
  • I will upload photos I have taken during my trips and write stories about my adventures.
  • In searching Google and WP plugins, I have seen a few interactive maps that are similar to what I have in mind. I am hoping I will be able to play around with PHP to get something to my liking.
  • I’ll need to find a calendar plugin that links to iCal.
Theme: Writee
Track: Front-end and a little back-end;)
Planned modifications:
  • I plan to play around a lot with the style of my site, including changing font colors and sizes, adjusting opacity of overlays, and changing background colors. I will also likely need to fix spacing.
  • Find and manipulate a plugin for an interactive world map that allows me to select a city, drop a pin, and link the pin to one of my posts. I want the pin to look like a colorful sewing pin, not the Google bubble, so wish me luck!
  • Alter a comment box plugin to include fields for where the person lives and their favorite place ever traveled to.
  • Find and activate a plugin that links to my Google calendar and make some modifications for look and feel.
URL: www.lifesurfeited.com




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