Final Project Pitch

What’s it About: For my final project, I will be creating a combination of a personal site and a food blog. On my personal/food blog site, I will feature posts about recipes I’ve made, tricks I’ve learned along the way, as well as my personal thoughts on a variety of issues (food, TV, shopping, cooking, etc.). For example, I want to be able to include the following on my blog: my resume, my aspirations, an about me section, links to my social media accounts, recipe of the week, recipe of the month, and reactions to popular TV shows. In order to attract a larger audience, I will also curate content from external sources and will be hyperlinking to other sources. My post types will include: blog posts, pictures, videos, and quotes. I hope to be able to customize my site to be very interactive and keep audiences engaged while they’re on my site. While I want to focus more on the backend, I also want to keep in mind the user’s experience.

I’m looking forward to working on this final project for several reasons. First, I have always wanted to start a personal blog of some sort and have never gotten around to it. Secondly, I’m a foodie and totally obsessed with food, the Food Network, Insider, Tasty, you name it. I own more cookbooks than any 25-year old should. So, I want to be able to bridge my various interests and hobbies and combine them into a cohesive site. Finally, in the future, I want to be able to point potential employers to a side project I’ve worked on and developed. I think it will show how the skills I’ve learned both in this class and the Georgetown PRCC program have helped me become a well-rounded PR and communications professional.

Audience: I see my audience being millennial women in the DC area between the ages of 18-25. The way I envision my final project to be should speak to women in the area of a similar age and keep them engaged and entertained for the duration of the time they’re on the site.

  • To build an interactive site with compelling content
  • To bring other DC women to my site interested in reality TV (sorry!), cooking, and food!!
How I’ll achieve my goals:
  • By updating my website with various content that the audience can interact with. For example, creating an integration (or plugin) to my Instagram account.
  • By allowing for the audience to like, comment and share my conent
  • By linking out to other dynamic sites and giving my opinion on recipes and restaurant
  • By incorporating go-to and new DC, VA and MD restaurant reviews
Theme: Kale
Track: ?
Planned modifications:
  • Addition of plugins:
    • 1. Instagram feed
    • 2. Contact Form
  • Creation of a child theme that will include updating the front-end capabilities including the fonts, and layout of the page.
  • Creating 3 post types for different types of content: (these will include custom fields that are applicable to each post type)
    • Recipe
    • Restaurant Review
    • TV Review
**I’m open to any and all suggestions! Let me know how to make this website even better!**

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