Final Project Pitch — Update

What: I am planning to create an online portfolio. It will include elements such as: an about me, my resume, and photos I’ve taken.

Why:¬†I think creating a portfolio is the most practical option. As a graduating senior it doesn’t hurt to be able to create something that could help me professionally.

Audience: The audience ranges from future employers to random people that could happen upon my site. If this comes out successful I will post it on my LinkedIn, so another avenue for future audience persons.

Tentative Theme: Minimal Portfolio

Track: Probably 99% front-end modifications, with back-end tweaks as needed.


  • Gallery of photos on a separate page.
  • Resume embedded on a separate page.
  • Contact form on the bottom of homepage.
  • Social media linked icons in header.
  • About me page with embedded conquer earth widget (
  • Change fonts/theme colors

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