Everything Matters!

This week’s assignments and reading point to one significant element in programming and coding for me: “every single thing matters.” It was so evident how a single omission can disorganize and in some cases throw the entire piece of work out of order. If there is one singleĀ  lesson from this assignment, it will be to practice regularly. There seem to be so many rules and elements for both HTML and CSS that it requires consistent practice and review.

The biggest challenge for this week was linking my HMTL file to the CSS in Sublime. I watched a series of tutorials using the link tag but to no avail. The CSS tutorial from Khan Academy worked the magic for me. I began by creating a style tag (<style></style>) and immediately the expected changes would be displayed. I also had a challenge with adding a downloaded image element to my HTML. The HTML file in the browser captured the image but it wouldn’t display. It was a bit frustrating at first because all the elements seem to be in the right place. After watching a few tutorials, I realized it was not peculiar to me. The experience from GitHub seems pretty straightforward, but I have yet to understand how it can be effectively used in my future projects.

I reckon, I’m beginning to get a sense of how things are and that’s pretty exciting and fulfilling as this is my first time doing anything web related like this. Being able to somewhat comprehend the HTML hierarchy and somehow getting bits and pieces of the CSS rules and how they relate gives me a lot of hope for what is ahead, as I look forward to learn from everyone.

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