Git In It

CSS was exciting to get to figure out this week. We have been working on HTML and the content of a page. Getting the chance to take our work a step further and develop a design for the content was interesting. I did the Codacademy lesson “A closer look at CSS,” but did not finish it and, when I went back the next day, I had to upgrade to pro so I did the Khan Academy exercise. I found the Khan Academy one very useful and a better way of learning for me because it was easier for me to listen to someone narrate than to read the instructions in Codecademy. However, I prefer Codecademy’s exercises because they are more interactive and they walk you through everything step at a time.

The piece about responsive web design that we had to read for class this week is a very crucial one to understand. It is extremely important to understand your audience and cater your website accordingly. User experience is one of the most important areas that businesses need to focus on when providing a service for their customers. The way the website looks and the way it is designed are necessary for that. A business must conduct research to know who their target audience is and the medium used to access a business’s website. For example, if your business is attractive for millennials, they are most likely to use their phones to access your website. You need to make sure your web pages can be viewed well on phones. Since web pages are originally set up for desktop view, it is important to make sure the viewport is suitable for phones.

As for the GitHub portion, it took me some time to figure out GitHub desktop. I was confused in the beginning because I thought Sublime and GitHub are connected. I realized after googling and reading more that Sublime is one of many text editors for code and GitHub is a hosting site to upload our work and share with others. My goal in the next couple of days/weeks is to get more comfortable using Github. 

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