Git Gud

This week was interesting. It was good to have the chance to apply all of the HTML and CSS skills we learned from previous lessons. And I love how user friendly the lessons are after we complete them, allowing us to review past work. Formatting the page and figuring out what I need to add (tags, for instance) was not the most difficult part, though.

I think the most difficult part was figuring out all of the necessary steps for GitHub. I went through some tutorials online, and most of them pointed me in the direction of a few steps not discussed in class (Terminal), and it is a bit challenging when you know the major steps but a few minor steps in between are fuzzy. Regarding the readings, I think I was able to get everything up OK with refreshers.

Going back to the lessons, I think it was the “A Closer Look at CSS” lesson that provided a great example in the beginning about such a seemingly minor step (not linking the HTML and CSS pages) taking away the design of the entire page. The page on selectors was really helpful, as well. It answered questions I did not yet have, and it gave shortcuts (p, h1 designating the same thing instead of two different ones) that seem minor in the beginning, but offer large returns regarding time saved in large projects toward the end. And noting that we use !important as sparingly as possible is also… important. As it could be near impossible to figure out why, given the natural evolution of a webpage over time, specific elements are unnecessarily stagnant.

I think I just need to reread some of the lessons, especially the GitHub tutorial, to solidify and mature the seeds that have already been planted. I’ll do that some this week, in addition to the assignments for this week. Hopefully this is just an introductory learning curve that, just like FromSoftware games, I have to get over to git gud and be successful.

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