Bringing all the pieces together!

The jQuery lessons on Codecademy seem pretty straightforward, but with a few reviews and practice it will be by far the most straightforward and easy to comprehend. You could literally watch the code structure from the lesson notes and get through most of the questions. Much of the code follows similar patterns, making it the quickest to get through. After the week’s jQuery lessons, I as usual re-enforced the tutorial by watching a few YouTube videos from mmuts’s channel he has a lot of helpful tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and other pertinent coding programs. Check him out here:

I think my greatest concern is how to stay on top with the new coding programs while¬† perfecting the earlier programs. I realize there’s a likelihood of forgetting some of the previous lessons, especially JavaScript, which is the most challenging. I was wondering whether it is possible for a programmer to be solely proficient in jQuery and not JavaScript, yet be able to create great stuff without problems.

I’m really looking forward to bringing together all the various coding languages to produce something great. For my final project, I’m looking at developing a unique news websites that is visually appealing and fun for visitors to explore. I will want it to look something like this or better: I put this together on earlier. so far I doubt whether I can pull that off yet, but hopefully soon.

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