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Final Project

For the final I want to build my dad a website for his business. My dad is a contractor and has needed to put one together for his business. I want to make a site that will showcase his work and also help his business to grow. Once the class is over I’ll hand over the domain to him.

It will need to be interactive but but have a simple and clean look. There will be navigation bar with subheading to each area of the site, a blog with various tips for quick fixes, a contact form for enquirers, and a slideshow of completed works.

  • Promote his work through a easy to use site that both informs visitors and encourages them to contact him.
  • Create a functional site! I’m really excited to build and customize something that will be on the internet and actually work.
Anyone needing electrical, HVAC, water heating, handyman services, etc. in New Jersey and New York. Those using the site will be regular owners and renters of residences and businesses. It will also be a source of information for anyone curious about what makes the light bulbs glow or air conditioners run.
Theme: Twenty Seventeen 
Track: front-end
Planned modifications:
  • Editing child theme: looking for a theme that I like
  • Blog plugin design and functionality
  • Slideshow design and editing
URL: In progress, still working with my dad on this.