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Final Project Pitch [Updated]

What: The SCS Student Life Website will serve as a one-stop-shop for SCS students to learn about professional development events, social activities, or student groups available to them during their time at Georgetown.

Who: All SCS graduate and undergraduate students; non-degree and non-credit students taking courses at SCS. Monitored and moderated by SCS administrative staff.

Why: There is currently no resource designed solely for the student community at SCS. This website will serve as a community-building tool where students can find and communicate with one another, network with alumni, get information on upcoming programs and events, and even launch and manage their own student group pages.


1. Child theme with significant design changes using CSS

2. Simple plug-in to create custom “event” posts

3. Simple plug-in to create custom “job opportunity” posts

4. Contact form

5. Embedded events calendar

6. Custom admin dashboard using WordPress API

Customization Details and Timeline:

  1. Child theme with significant design changes using CSS (TO-DO)
  • What: Using University-approved fonts & colors, edit the style of the child theme so that it is visually appealing and easy to read
  • Why: Brand management will be important for any University-sponsored, student facing site. Making sure the fonts and colors are used appropriately will not only create brand cohesion but ease of use.
  • How: Create a child theme within the htdocs folder and add a .css file featuring at least 10 modifications
  • Timeline: Draft by Sunday, April 7; Final by Sunday, April 14


  1. Simple plug-in to create custom “event” posts (TO-DO)
  • What: Posts about events should stand out from blog posts, jobs posts, etc. Create a visually unique “event” post type that features fields such as time, date, place, image, and rsvp link.
  • Why: Events drive student engagement and provide community and professional development opportunities. As events are hosted by many entities within SCS as well as the broader University network, events are often not published in a standard way. This plug-in will standardize all event posts.
  • How: Using the example “reading list” plug-in, develop an “events” plug-in that provides the features listed above.
  • Timeline: Draft by Sunday, April 7; Final by Sunday, April 14


  1. Simple plug-in to create custom “job opportunity” posts (TO-DO)
  • What: Posts about job opportunities should stand out from blog posts, jobs posts, etc. Create a visually unique “job opportunity” post type that features fields such as title, employer, application deadline, and link. Possible to include code that automatically removes these posts on a certain date?
  • Why: SCS is a professional school, and programs can provide elite/exclusive job opportunities to students. This is a hallmark of the school, and should be easily accessible to all students.
  • How: Using the example “reading list” plug-in, develop a “job opportunities” plug-in that provides the features listed above.
  • Timeline: Draft by Sunday, April 7; Final by Sunday, April 14


  1. Embedded events calendar (TO-DO) [Optional]
  • What: An embedded events calendar that displays event dates, academic deadlines, etc. Styled to match the rest of the site. Possible to add option to add to google calendar? Possible to have this automatically created from the event plug-in?
  • Why: An events calendar will help students visualize important event dates as well as academic due dates.
  • How: Using a pre-existing events plug-in, customize the style
  • Timeline: Draft by Sunday, April 7; Final by Sunday, April 14


Time for research: Week of April 1

Writing: April 4-7

Drafts due: April 7

Debugging: April 6-13

Final Live: April 14

Deadlines for local testing: April 14

Deadline for live testing: April 16

Final Project-Yay

My final project pitch, a finsta blog, has been approved and I am super excited to really dive in. This assignment is really going to put all the knowledge I have learned this semester to the test, so that also makes me a little nervous (and my eye twitch) because I not too sure if have mastered everything we’ve learned just yet. But, nevertheless she persisted. For this assignment, we have to make at least three modifications to the site. Since, I am a visual person I am going to try to modify and or add things that change the look of my site. The first way I plan on doing that is through a child theme, that way I can manipulate the entire ‘theme’ for lack of better word of my site. My personal e-portfolio, that I use outside of this class is powered by WordPress.com, and it took me a whole to learn how to navigate that and get it to do what I want (and I am still learning some things) so it will be interesting to see how well I am able to command WordPress.org. Currently, I view WordPress.com like bowling with bumpers and .org without. I have been reading a bit about child themes, and every site along with Prof. Greg has made it seem like it is a very doable task, even for beginners so I guess I will be truing it out. Along with including a child theme to my site, I also plan to include several different plug-ins. Right now, I am not sure what kind, but based on my research that seems to be something else I can add successfully given my skillset. Unlike my peers, I am not using my site as an eportfilio, but a blog. So, all the posts on my site will be blog posts and memes with funny captions and possibly a few rants, just because who doesn’t love a good rant. All in all, I think I have a solid game plan to begin working on my final project site.

The Ultimate Rebrand (Final Pitch)

What/why: For my final project, I’d like to create my own personal portfolio to capture all that I’ve worked on thus far in my career. I feel that it would make me more marketable because it’d be much more effective if I put my skills to use and have something presentable for what I learned in this class, rather than just slapping it onto my resume.

I currently have an e-portfolio on WordPress. I’ve also created a niche site on WordPress about the Harlem Renaissance.  The challenge of this project will be to find creative ways to spice up the way I present myself. I could put the basic things I already have on this one, but I want to challenge myself to add some bells and whistles that showcase my new skills.


My goal is to incorporate functionality into my portfolio. I want to make sure it is interactive, especially through JavaScript. Another goal not directly related to the design of the site is to explore the options for plugins and gain a deeper understanding of the site.


I will be doing mostly front-end modifications.

  • Include a travel page with an interactive map (I found a plugin that will allow me to include JavaScript when I hover/click on a place.
  • On the travel page, I will also create a photo gallery, similar to the one we made in class.
  • I will create a contact/inquiries form.
  • I will add my social media feeds.
  • I will incorporate the Click to Tweet plugin to allow users to share my content.
  • I will incorporate a newsletter plugin to keep my readers updated.


Audience: The audience would mostly be recruiters and colleagues, specifically in journalism. I want to show them that I am a versatile journalist with a diverse skillset.


URL will be dajaehenry.com.

Final Project Pitch — Update

What: I am planning to create an online portfolio. It will include elements such as: an about me, my resume, and photos I’ve taken.

Why: I think creating a portfolio is the most practical option. As a graduating senior it doesn’t hurt to be able to create something that could help me professionally.

Audience: The audience ranges from future employers to random people that could happen upon my site. If this comes out successful I will post it on my LinkedIn, so another avenue for future audience persons.

Tentative Theme: Minimal Portfolio

Track: Probably 99% front-end modifications, with back-end tweaks as needed.


  • Gallery of photos on a separate page.
  • Resume embedded on a separate page.
  • Contact form on the bottom of homepage.
  • Social media linked icons in header.
  • About me page with embedded conquer earth widget (https://conquer.earth/jessodonnell23)
  • Change fonts/theme colors

Final Project Pitch

What/why: I’ve tried to think of ideas for the final project since the beginning of the semester. I don’t have a business or a niche hobby that could benefit from my new skill set. So I thought, do what you do best and that’s talk (write). For my final project, I would like to create a site that’s an extension of myself. A blog where I flesh out my thoughts, conspiracy theories, latest hashtags and news of the day. Basically, my finsta in website form entitled, What Is Kyra Even Talking About?, something people around me say on a daily basis. I think this will be a cool way to create a form of content that’s new to me.


Final Pitch

What/why: As I sat, and thought about what I truly wanted to do as my project, all I could think about was me. I wanted to do something that I knew I would be proud of and have fun making. I have been pushing to start a blog called “It’s not such a Different World after all,” but I have yet to put that plan in action. I think that this would give me a perfect opportunity to start my blog and allow me to create something I am proud of and can call my own. The blog would consist of my home page, abut page, experience at Howard, and other posts I have always wanted to write. I think that this will be a challenge, but I would love to grow the skill.


The C Stands for Creativity

What/why: In high school, I was in the television production program. During that time, I managed to create quite a bit of content: promo reels, documentaries, commercials, and graphic art. I’ve chosen to create a portfolio website to highlight my best work. I made one over the summer before senior year on Weebly, but it looks very amateur. Weebly doesn’t allow much creativity besides following a template. I’ve also learned a lot between now and then, and creating a portfolio site is the perfect place to showcase my new work. My film teacher always expressed to me the importance of having a portfolio to sell yourself as a prospective candidate.

Who: The audience I hope to attract with my site is potential employers. By seeing my work, I expect opportunities to open up once employers can see my media and observe that I made the website as well. I also want to attract other creators, so I can build a network to collaborate with others and improve my craft.

Final Pitch

What/Why: After really spending the effort to come up with something clever or different,  I figured that it was in my best interest to develop a personal portfolio with my new skills. It is unoriginal (suggested, actually, I believe), but it is an opportunity to put all the hard work I’ve done in my undergraduate career into one place. I have made portfolios before, but this one will be the one I use moving forward that will have all the cool gadgets. I plan to include my resume, a generic cover letter, and example of my work ranging from academic papers to news articles and even a little bit of photography I do on the side. I also plan on linking my social media and contact information on the site. The plan is for this to show my best work as well as show off the ability to create a functioning portfolio on my own. Just in an effort to show my versatility in all facets of content media, and even those things that happen behind the scene.

Who: This will be for future employers, as well as friends and family who are curious to see what it is I am up to these days. Those who may see me on LinkedIn or other various websites can go to this page to see if I fit their criteria for an employee.



Final project pitch post

Goals: For my final project I plan to build a recipe site with rotating pictures, cooking instructions, and a Q&A section for recipe requests. Based on our in-class discussion, I think I will use a WordPress theme for the design, layout, fonts, colors, etc.

I envision the layout of the site being relatively simple and clutter free. Given that this isn’t really a ‘personal site’ I don’t feel the need to have a homepage introducing myself, why I made the site, etc. Instead I would like the main page to get right into the heart of the content – food. I will have header tabs that break up the recipes by “breakfast” “lunch” and “dinner,” but the homepage will house the most recent recipes posted to the site. I will then have a fourth tab that allows for house the “Request a Recipe!” portion of the site.

Audience: This site would be intended for anyone that enjoys cooking and is searching for new, fun recipes. I have always enjoyed cooking and, although I don’t claim to be an expert, I have a ton of good recipes that family and friends are always asking for. I think this site will be a fun project for me and something I would be proud to share and continue working on once our class is finished.

Planned Modifications:

1. A customized slideshow for each recipe (jQuery plugin)

2. A customized “Request a Recipe!” section where visitors can submit questions or requested recipes that are emailed directly to my account and then I can either choose to respond, post the recipe, etc. (PHP plugin)

3. I will also use HTML and CSS to build out the cooking instructions, ingredients, tips and tricks, etc. although I think a lot of this will be done directly in the WordPress site. I would be curious to hear your feedback (Greg or fellow classmates) on whether there are certain HTML/CSS designs I should consider outside of WordPress, or if it’s best to add plugins that focus more on jQuery and PHP.

URL: victoriakinnealey.com

Final Pitch- Personal Portfolio

About: When sitting down and thinking about which project I should do (choosing between a sports blog and personal portfolio) I decided that the best use of my time would be to create a personal portfolio website. I know this may not be the most exciting creation, but I do think that it will be useful to have in the future in order to put a twist on a regular resume. I would like to include my resume along with display my work done throughout the Georgetown PRCC program, my college communications work, along with my work from Sage Communications. Along with these displays, I would also like to showcase my coding skills in a way that  other potential future employers will see.

Audience: I am looking to put this website on all of my social media accounts along with my resume, so my audience will be my coworkers, friends, family, and future employers.

Goals: My goals are to focus on HTML and CSS in a way to create an interactive, well designed site. I would also love to be able to add this to my resume, as stated above, as a way to further engage and impress potential employers.

How will I achieve these goals/Planned Modifications: 

  • I will add links to my social media accounts that are available for employers to scan.
  • I will add a contact form plug-in
  • I will change the color scheme, as well as add designs
  • I want the buttons on the sides to get dark and the others to become light when I hover over them.

Theme: Portfolio lite

URL: AllieFoard.com

UPDATED: How will I achieve these goals/Planned modifications:

  • I will create a contact form
  • I will change the color scheme
  • I will add designs: boxes around various site content
  • I will add links to my social media accounts
  • I will add a PDF viewer plug-in
  • I will add social media links in the footer

Theme: Anissa

URL: AllieFoard.com